Summer in the City

Bill Oldfield

Opiniated? Me? Opiniated? Me?

Everyone’s an expert. Just listen to any of the phone-ins on local radio or maybe Jeremy Vine’s show on Radio Two, especially following some big news item, and you’ll hear incredible levels of knowledge about almost everything. Last week’s budget was a good example where it was a surprise to find there were so many experts opining on the running of big businesses which, of course, were underpaying their employees and stashing big profits away from the taxman.

Everyone’s entitled to their opinion (as proof, I own a t-shirt a friend had specifically made for me with the slogan “everyone’s entitled to my opinion” splashed across the front) but surely, on the bigger issues, where extended knowledge is key, opinions should be expressed as questions . . . shouldn’t they? Polarised opinions formulated as facts do get a touch wearing; statements that affect many but say little. Life’s…

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