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You don’t believe it

You may have known it but I didn’t. After being ridiculed at school for pronouncing the name of that chivalry revivalist of the middle ages as “quicks oat” I now discover we shouldn’t be calling him “key hotae” after all. Apparently Quixote should be pronounced Quixote and I was right all along. It was episodes […]

Good food, innit?

Don’t you just love the French? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve used that phrase in my lifetime. I know I’ve started four food-related articles with it in the last six and a half years. So today makes it a fifth then. And I do. I love the ways they do things […]

Cats know it all

Next time, I’m going to come back as a cat. Cats seem to have it sorted, don’t appear to get stressed, always have enough money and don’t worry about big issues such as the environment. While we, on the other hand, are currently grappling with what is probably the most complex issue we’ve ever had […]

Is it poor to ask such questions?

Jamie Oliver hit the nail on the head. He recently suggested that poor people spent too much on food and ate badly and that often “the poorest families in this country choose the most expensive way to hydrate and feed their families”. If ever there’s a red rag to a bull, it’s criticising the poorer […]

Do we really need this advice?

My wife and I have just completed a week in the Tuscan heartland of Italy. I’m a great fan of Italy; not just for its beautiful countryside, women, medieval villages, clothes, shoes, women, exquisite sports cars and, of course, the stylish women, but also for its food and wine. Never mind the French; they just […]

Useless husband

I know I’m a useless husband but, in mitigation, it’s not my fault. It’s my genes. At least I hope it is and that there’s not something terribly wrong with me. For instance, I don’t know the correct answer to “How do I look?” when actually the honest response might be “Not terribly good” but […]

Czech bait

Who’d be a vegetarian? Or more precisely, who’d be a vegetarian in the Czech Republic? Please don’t for a moment think this is a tirade against vegetarians. Not one bit. After all, vegetarians are customers as well. No, this stems from the first time my wife and I went to Prague and discovered that the […]

Have you any secrets?

A few days ago, one of our customers, a lovely lady, came into the restaurant to take advantage of a Chef-for-a-Day voucher she’d been bought by a friend. “Some friend”, you might think, giving her the chance to slave away for a day in our kitchen without pay. But actually, our Chef-for-a-Day package has become […]

Research? Just Google it

Isn’t Google brilliant?. As long as you stay away from those dodgy sites it’s an amazingly life-enhancing tool and I love it. How many answers to searches does it provide each day? Zillions probably. And each search takes you to all sorts of amazing websites. But, unfortunately, that’s when the problems begin. Because the information […]

The cost of being vegetarian

If you’re looking for a husband, a wife, a life partner, you could do worse than consider a vegetarian. Sure, it can mean tetchy conversations when choosing restaurants because many chefs are so unimaginative about vegetarian cooking. And it can cause confusion when in France where the catering industry rarely seems to acknowledge the phenomenon. […]