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He who shouts loudest

Being the middle one of five children, I learned, very quickly, that I had to be loud, very loud, just to get myself noticed. Well, maybe I didn’t actually have to be be loud. But it was the only way it occurred to my simple self to get listened to when pitched against my two elder, […]

We’ve popped up – so pop in and see us in Bishop Auckland

I once spent a very late, boozy evening at a dinner with an accountant. Yes, it appears that sometimes accountants can be fun but maybe it takes a three course meal and a couple of bottles of wine. Anyway, we had a mathematical argument. I told him that a banker once told me that restaurants […]

Lentils, spinach and spiced potatoes

Last week’s recipe was for a goat or lamb curry with lentils and I’m continuing the theme this week with another warming dish, but this time vegetarian and inexpensive, for this unseasonally cold Spring. I’ve used puy lentils but other sorts can be used. However, just make sure that you follow the preparation and cooking […]