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Weighty matters

So, it’s official. Clothes are now to be sold in four sizes: small, medium large and normal. It appears that along with 60 being the new 40, fat is now the new normal. What next: uneducated being the new clever? But, weird as it may sound, uneducated is promoted as clever and, dare I say, […]

Research? Just Google it

Isn’t Google brilliant?. As long as you stay away from those dodgy sites it’s an amazingly life-enhancing tool and I love it. How many answers to searches does it provide each day? Zillions probably. And each search takes you to all sorts of amazing websites. But, unfortunately, that’s when the problems begin. Because the information […]

Let’s be commonsensicle

Instead of using butter, my wife currently insists on coating her toast with some industrial spread that promises to make her live to 120 by lowering her cholesterol or blood pressure or weight or some such. And maybe it will. And maybe you think that’s a good thing. However, it seems to fall into the […]

Is fat an F word?

We’re unfair to fat. Recently I was reading about a new only-slightly invasive technique for ridding the body of fatty deposits that stop one being attractive to other people – or so we’re told – and I was wondering how far I’d have to be pushed before I resorted to such measures. There’s a lot […]