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Blind Scouse with herb dumplings

When writing menus, you have to be careful not to put the diners off with the descriptions you use. I guess that’s why the flesh of a pig’s referred to as pork. So we debated long and hard before using the term Blind Scouse for this dish as it suggested a visually challenged Liverpudlian when […]

Aubergine casserole

Despite what what some people say about restaurateurs, I’m a great fan of vegetarian food. Why not? All food’s great if cooked well with the best ingredients. A current vegetable-based dish on our menu is this aubergine casserole which, while having many of the same ingredients of ratatouille, is a very different dish by dint […]

Czech bait

Who’d be a vegetarian? Or more precisely, who’d be a vegetarian in the Czech Republic? Please don’t for a moment think this is a tirade against vegetarians. Not one bit. After all, vegetarians are customers as well. No, this stems from the first time my wife and I went to Prague and discovered that the […]

The cost of being vegetarian

If you’re looking for a husband, a wife, a life partner, you could do worse than consider a vegetarian. Sure, it can mean tetchy conversations when choosing restaurants because many chefs are so unimaginative about vegetarian cooking. And it can cause confusion when in France where the catering industry rarely seems to acknowledge the phenomenon. […]

Are vegetarians in danger?

As a child I went through a period of being obsessed by what would happen to me after death. Not in a religious way; Sunday school and RE lessons had sorted that one out – at least until I hit the argumentative stage. No, it was to do with the bit they burnt or buried; […]