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Ham hock pie

Last year I carried out an experiment to see if I could rise to the challenge of a local MP and feed myself for £18 a week. I could and so should we all but, unfortunately, most of us haven’t been taught how to whilst, at the same time, being encouraged to be more concerned […]

Salmon and monkfish spring rolls

This week’s recipe isn’t necessarily in-line with our particularly British stance at the restaurant but it’s something I make at home and is surprisingly quick, easy and tasty I’ve used salmon and monkfish here but, because the fish is chopped up, cheaper fish can be obtained from the fishmonger, so it’s worth experimenting. It also […]

Seafood pasta

Sometimes I need a dish that’s just simple and fresh; certainly easy to cook after a day at work. Fish always falls into that category and while we know that fresh is best, fish freezes remarkably well. I’ve always got some in the freezer. The other day, needing a quick meal, I knew I’d got […]

Chilled plum soup

If you’re lucky, like me, to have plum trees in your garden, you’ll occasionally end up with a surfeit to enable you to make this rather unusual dish. Unusual in that it’s a chilled soup as a dessert but it’s a doddle to make. In this recipe we’ve used a vanilla pod. If you can’t […]

Mince with leek dumpling and peppery swede mash

Spring may be on its way but we still need warming winter dishes, whether eating at home or in restaurants. The following recipe is reminiscent of school dinners or, at least, how they should have been if prepared and served well and is a popular dish Oldfields. And it’s interesting to note that there’s no […]

Smoked haddock and egg pie with a cheesy topping

  Always a favourite on our menu, we find fish pie in any form is popular – even to those who profess not to like fish. When choosing the haddock, most fishmongers will have two sorts: one that’s slightly grey in comparison to fresh haddock as a result of the smoking and another that, as […]

Millionaire’s Shortbread

If you’ve never cooked this, and you have a slightly sweet tooth, then you should do so. Immediately. And if you don’t think you’ve died and gone to heaven, then you’ve got no soul. I love the result of boiling the unopened can of condensed milk for hours until you end up with a rich […]

Roast duck breast with chili noodles and ginger plums

Duck, noodles, ginger and plums are all traditional Chinese ingredients. But as British plums come into season, here all the ingredients are combined to make a fresh, late summer dish that’s both quick and easy. Soy sauces are made from fermented and salted soya beans and there are typically two types available in mainstream shops: […]

Ox Liver with gooseberry jam

Calves liver is a highly-prized dish but many overlook liver from the more mature animal. Maybe it’s the term ox liver that makes some categorise it similarly to mutton: from an older animal so it must be tough, stringy, fatty or something. Well they’d be wrong. I prize ox liver, not just because it’s great, […]

Carpaccio of beef with figs and garlic oil

Carpaccio was invented, so I understand, by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1950 at Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy. It was named after the Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio who was noted for his use of red in his paintings. Thin sliced raw beef was served with a cold vinaigrette made with olive oil and it was generally […]