Delivered to your door

Frozen ready meals delivered to your door - A knock at the door while in the bath

A knock at the door while in the bath

Sometimes a knock on the door is the last thing you want to hear. You’re busy, you’re in the bath, you’re getting ready to go out. We’ve all been there, one foot in your pants, hair dripping wet, trying to find your car keys.

One of the worse things it can be is the postman with a letter someone hasn’t stamped, which then costs you £1.50 to find out that you could have won £50,000 on some lottery you’ve never heard of. And if you’re lucky it’s a bunch of flowers, a present you weren’t expecting or that friend you haven’t seen for an age, just dropping by.

Packaging box exploded - 330px wideOr if you’re very lucky it’s a box of frozen food, delivered right to your door – fantastic frozen meals, restaurant standard and with flavour and provenance… And you don’t have to be a senior citizen to enjoy the benefits of really good food, home delivered.

Oldfields Pantry is new to the market and already causing quite a stir. Oldfields is proud of the provenance of its ingredients. It’s not just about supplying cheap food – Oldfields is about quality and interesting recipes you can really get your teeth into. And that’s how it should be. Just because it’s delivered in a box, doesn’t affect the quality and attention to detail.

So sometimes that knock is the door to good eating…

Interested? How to order.


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