Feeding the parents

Shin beef casseroleI always had the best of relationships with my parents-in-law. They were wonderfully down to earth Yorkshire folk who liked to laugh, loved their family and really enjoyed their food.

Father-in-law particularly loved his grub – it was one of his favourite pleasures. Like many people, for him eating was something to be enjoyed and savoured, not just a way of fuelling up and getting out as fast as possible. Mother-in-law was an excellent cook and loved creating good, wholesome food from the best of ingredients for her family. And her husband was always appreciative of the love and care that had gone into every mouthful.

Later in life, when mother-in-law had died and he was approaching his nineties, like many elderly people father-in-law found it increasingly difficult to make his own dinners.

People cooked for him of course, but he valued his independence and wanted a ready supply of ready meals which were restaurant quality, made of excellent ingredients and actually tasted of something. So he ordered from some of the food suppliers in the market. Sadly, he – and I – were often disappointed with the choice and often complained it was ‘flavourless’.

He was one of the inspirations for Oldfields Pantry. Meals developed in a restaurant to high standards, with excellent local provenance, and quick frozen to ensure the flavours stay locked in.

Sadly father-in-law is gone now. But I’m sure he would have approved.  Give them a try?


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