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Feeding the parents

I always had the best of relationships with my parents-in-law. They were wonderfully down to earth Yorkshire folk who liked to laugh, loved their family and really enjoyed their food. Father-in-law particularly loved his grub – it was one of his favourite pleasures. Like many people, for him eating was something to be enjoyed and […]

Delivered to your door

Sometimes a knock on the door is the last thing you want to hear. You’re busy, you’re in the bath, you’re getting ready to go out. We’ve all been there, one foot in your pants, hair dripping wet, trying to find your car keys. One of the worse things it can be is the postman […]

Good food, innit?

Don’t you just love the French? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve used that phrase in my lifetime. I know I’ve started four food-related articles with it in the last six and a half years. So today makes it a fifth then. And I do. I love the ways they do things […]

Do we really need this advice?

My wife and I have just completed a week in the Tuscan heartland of Italy. I’m a great fan of Italy; not just for its beautiful countryside, women, medieval villages, clothes, shoes, women, exquisite sports cars and, of course, the stylish women, but also for its food and wine. Never mind the French; they just […]

Czech bait

Who’d be a vegetarian? Or more precisely, who’d be a vegetarian in the Czech Republic? Please don’t for a moment think this is a tirade against vegetarians. Not one bit. After all, vegetarians are customers as well. No, this stems from the first time my wife and I went to Prague and discovered that the […]

Have you any secrets?

A few days ago, one of our customers, a lovely lady, came into the restaurant to take advantage of a Chef-for-a-Day voucher she’d been bought by a friend. “Some friend”, you might think, giving her the chance to slave away for a day in our kitchen without pay. But actually, our Chef-for-a-Day package has become […]

The cost of being vegetarian

If you’re looking for a husband, a wife, a life partner, you could do worse than consider a vegetarian. Sure, it can mean tetchy conversations when choosing restaurants because many chefs are so unimaginative about vegetarian cooking. And it can cause confusion when in France where the catering industry rarely seems to acknowledge the phenomenon. […]

Are vegetarians in danger?

As a child I went through a period of being obsessed by what would happen to me after death. Not in a religious way; Sunday school and RE lessons had sorted that one out – at least until I hit the argumentative stage. No, it was to do with the bit they burnt or buried; […]

Of course you can survive on £53 a week. But is it living?

Of course Iain Duncan Smith can live on £53 a week. Remember, that’s a figure after various other benefits have been taken into account so it’s there for actual luxuries – like food. It’s a spurious argument really. Iain Duncan Smith lives in luxury compared with most people but, to be honest, there are very […]

Let’s be commonsensicle

Instead of using butter, my wife currently insists on coating her toast with some industrial spread that promises to make her live to 120 by lowering her cholesterol or blood pressure or weight or some such. And maybe it will. And maybe you think that’s a good thing. However, it seems to fall into the […]