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Wild rabbit in cider

I’ve called this Wild Rabbit in Cider because I like the idea of using rabbits that have run free and lived a natural life prior to coming to the pot. However, being wild, the taste and texture of the meat can vary considerably from one rabbit to the next so it’s worth being prepared for […]

Aubergine casserole

Despite what what some people say about restaurateurs, I’m a great fan of vegetarian food. Why not? All food’s great if cooked well with the best ingredients. A current vegetable-based dish on our menu is this aubergine casserole which, while having many of the same ingredients of ratatouille, is a very different dish by dint […]

Squid and potato casserole with garlic and parsley

Some people may think squid is an unusual food and many people have had poor experiences with rubbery squid dishes; especially in the chain-style restaurants found frequently on retail parks. However, this recipe gets rid of the misconception that squid is tough and, along with it being tasty and not in the least bit weird […]

Rabbit and black pudding casserole

When I was 17, I brought a girlfriend home to be fed by my mum. After she’d cleaned her plate she proclaimed that it was delicious and asked what it was. When Mum told her it was rabbit casserole she shoved her plate away, burst into tears and said she didn’t like rabbit. And over […]